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    Particle problem with Head Turner


      Hi Anyone,


      Firstly I would like to say I am loving Character Animator so quick to develop and for beta I have had no problems so far.


      I am however struggling with the particle behavior working with multiple head turns this is no doubt a problem with how I have layers displayed but I can't seem to figure this out or find many tutorials on particles.


      Ok so the problem is I have a fish, a bit similar to 'Finn' the fish but created in Illustrator. I wan't to be able to trigger a bubble at any point with my mouse. The problem I have found is that because I have multiple heads (Frontal, Right Profile, Right Profile etc...)  I have had to add the particle behavior to the bubble layer on all of the heads. This has seemed to work up to a point and I get lots of bubbles (one from each layer I think - not ideal)  but one bubble does not die and is always there as the scene begins and ends, without being triggered.


      I have tried using a key instead but this does not work at all, I have tried hiding the layers.


      I am starting to think I have approached this all wrong and should instead create a bubble character and bring it into the scene that way?


      Suggestions would be appreciated I have only been using this software a week and it's just a practice fish but i 'need' to fix this for my own sanity!


      Many Thanks