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    Type of project?

    s_amoraal87 Level 1



      I'm pretty new in Captivate. I want to make a project for my responsive wordpress site.

      Do i need a responsive project within Captivate when my site is already responsive?


      And where can i find the main features of the types of project?


      Hope someone can help.


      Thank you!

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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Hi there


          I think you need to answer some questions before many of us will be able to assist. For example, what is your goal with your project? What are you wanting to present? The answer to that question will likely serve to guide you on the type of project you create.


          Just use your imagination and assume things are all finished and someone is using what you created. What are they seeing or learning?


          Cheers... Rick

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            StevePixel Level 3

            Interesting question. Technically when you insert a project into a WordPress page, you will be using an I-Frame. The I-Frame will scale because of your responsive website, but the course will not responsively scale (from a Captivate perspective) because of the I -Frame scaling.

            So to achieve responsive functionality in your course you will need to, not display it in an I-Frame but instead host it outside of your WordPress site and load it with a direct link.  

            Note: If you are only targeting desktop and IPads for distribution, you may be able to get away with using an I-frame but if you want responsiveness on a mobile phone it definitely won't work. 

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              s_amoraal87 Level 1

              both, thank you for your respons!


              @ captiv8r:

              I want to translate my website into video's.

              slide 1 is the 'home' part of mij website

              slide 2 will be the main menu of the project (no video)

              slide 3 is the "about me" slide.

              etc. etc.


              In slide 2 there wil be buttons that direct to a part of the project.

              In other slides there wil be buttons like: "go back to main menu".


              Because the traffic on my website would be massive when i embed the video's in de project, i want refer to the video's that are online (YouTube).


              Hope that gives you an idea.


              @ StevePixel:

              Woow, thats going to fast for me. I'm not familiar with I-Frame.

              If i unstand it well: if i want a responsive project on my website for al kinds of divices, i must host the project outside my website? What are the options for that?

              I was planning to use this plugin in wordpress: Insert or Embed Adobe Captivate Content into WordPress — WordPress Plugins

              Wouldn't that do the trick?



              Thank you for your answers!!

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                Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                Hello again


                I'm kind of at a loss here. I mean, by its definition, a web site is nothing more than a collection of HTML pages that are linked together.


                I'm stumped on why you seem intent on re-creating the wheel by putting your site into Captivate. What do you hope to gain? What do you see as the benefit to this?


                Are you finding that it's not easy to update your WordPress web site and you feel that if it were all done using Captivate it would be simpler to update and maintain?


                When you say "WordPress", that can actually mean a couple of different things. For example, you can visit WordPress.com and build a blog/web site for free on that site. OR, you can install WordPress on other hosting sites where you have your very own private WordPress system. Do you know which you are using?


                Cheers... Rick

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                  s_amoraal87 Level 1



                  Thanks again!


                  I'm an (beginning) video producer. The website itself is in tekst and the video is of me, telling the info. Hope that makes things clear.

                  I want to show my potential to my potential customers and even sell these type of "video's", made with captivate.


                  With wordpress i mean my website with this template: https://themeforest.net/item/enfold-responsive-multipurpose-theme/4519990


                  hope that makes a clear picture for you:)

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                    StevePixel Level 3

                    Hi S_Amorall, 

                    Just for clarification. 

                    A WordPress website, captivate interactive project and a captivate video are three different things. 

                    Captivate videos are not interactive, but they can be hosted on YouTube, but they are just videos. 

                    Captivate projects are interactive, but they cannot be hosted on YouTube because they are not videos. 

                    You can host Captivate projects in WordPress websites but depending on size, bandwidth and type of project they will scale but not work well on mobile devices. 

                    Responsive Captivate projects can be hosted on a web server, will scale and work well on a mobile device. 

                    What are you trying to achieve and what do you mean by "captivate video"


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                      s_amoraal87 Level 1

                      The idea is:

                      - hosting a website

                      - embed a captivate project into the website

                      - refer to youtube video's in de captivate project

                      - make buttons in the captivate project and add an action to the buttons when clicked. (For example clicking on a butten that says: "go to home" and set as an action: on succes: go to slide 1.


                      What do you think?

                      in my opinion there's one important choise to make: should the captivate project be responsive or not responsive.


                      Any other toughts/questions?

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                        StevePixel Level 3

                        Let me see if I am clear, 

                        You have a website, on the website you have button/image that, when clicked, opens a Captivate project. In the Captivate project you have other YouTube videos that learners can play, when they have finished viewing the videos you want a button that takes them to the webpage homepage.

                        If that is correct, you may want to review your Case Use. There are a couple of technical issues you need to consider.

                        1. If you launch from the website, Captivate won't read the browser initialization, so it won't know what size it is, so responsive won't work.

                        2. It will however load full screen in the lightbox, which is problematic if they are viewing on tablet, or a phone.

                        I think I understand what you are trying to achieve, and technically I think it is doable, but it will be clunky because you, are taking them from a html screen, to a Captivate project screen to a YouTube video and then back again. You would probably be better off just using a video specific WordPress theme.

                        My thoughts anyways. 


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                          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                          @Steve - I'm a bit confused by your answer. How does one go about hosting (and why would one have a need to host) a Captivate "Project" on any kind of site? For project sharing?


                          I'm guessing that you are meaning a Captivate Output that has been created from a Captivate project?


                          Cheers... Rick

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                            StevePixel Level 3

                            Hey Rick, 

                            I'm confused too,  but yes that is what the OP wants, I believe. He has a WordPress site and he will either host the Captivate output in the WP database,  or externally and call for it/them from the WP site.

                            My understanding anyways.


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                              s_amoraal87 Level 1

                              I'm sorry i can't make myself clear.

                              i will try again.


                              it is not the project i want to open but the output of the project.

                              i want the output to be directly visible on the homepage of the site.

                              if i set a "play" button within the first slide that allows the (output of the) project to start. The visitors can choose to see the output, at that excact spot.


                              please keep patient with me:)

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                                StevePixel Level 3

                                HI S_amoraal,


                                That is why it won't work, responsive means the output responds to the device it is on, and it needs to read the device so it knows how to adjust. If you place it in a webpage, it won't know how to adjust. If you have it load to another independent webpage it will.



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                                  s_amoraal87 Level 1

                                  So, the best change i have is with a non responsive captivate project?

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                                    StevePixel Level 3

                                    Yes, but you will still have issues if you site is loaded on phone (because your website is responsive) but for desktop views you will still need to use an I-Frame to achieve what you want.  The plug in you mentioned should automatically have it play in that I-Frame.  

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                                      s_amoraal87 Level 1

                                      What kind of issues can i expect on a phone? Any idea?