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    Adobe Acrobat Standard 9.0 won't run


      So, Microsoft has been working on my computer to fix Windows 10 OS glitch since June 7th that I found when I switched over to JAWS (a screen reader for blind people). They still haven't figured out how to fix this issue. However, they have figured out how to create a whole host of new ones by creating a new user account that, while it "fixes" the quick key issues I had with JAWS (making that software program work -- which is essential), it has rendered the rest of my other programs (including Adobe Acrobat Standard, dead in the water. It has also disappeared many of my files that they supposedly "copied").  Since JAWS doesn't work in the old account, I can't see if the stuff is in the old account still and I also can't use the old account. I obviously can't use the new account because they've made this unusable for other reasons. 


      Are there any competent techs out there in the world that could possibly give me a hand with this?

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          try67 MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Acrobat 9 is not officially compatible with Windows 10, so problems are to be expected... You can try running it in Compatibility Mode for better results, but that's about it.

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            cat96639295 Level 1

            While it's true that it isn't technically compatible with Windows 10, it was working just fine on my old user account -- as were all my other programs that aren't and/or weren't working (I'm in the process of fixing everything from iTunes to Discord and Twitch to Office). Compatibility mode won't work and I've tried running a repair on the thing so I'll have to just uninstall and reinstall.... tyvm Microsoft for killing my day.