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    How can I paste a line of text that is cut in half


      I didn't know what forum I should post this in so I am sorry if it's in the wrong forum. I have a wedding program that has one line of text that has been cut off after it was printed and I need to paste the part that is cut in half back together again. Does anyone know how I would be able to do this? This sample of the program is below. Does anyone know how I can fix this? I also printed this out and it looks like a greenish- blue instead of the blue that the original is.


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          Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional

          So how you hoping to fix this?  Print sticky labels an place one on every program?  Or are you going to print them again?


          If the former, then the labels obviously need to cover the entire word, but that won't be a problem because they will have a white background.  If you are going to print them again, we need more information.


          Did you print the programs or were they professionally printed?


          If the latter, then what file format did you use?  PDF can sometimes have out of boundary issues like this, and the most simple way to fix that is to add an extra carriage return after the last line of text essentially giving you a blank line.


          If you printed them, then did you get a warning that your document was too big for the page?  If yes then perhaps use a different preset like print to the edges — that tends to only work with photo quality paper though.  You could downsize the content to fit the printed area as an alternative.


          So give us a much fuller description of your situation, and I am sure this forum will do its best to find a solution for you.