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    Link to Google Doc doesn't work after conversion to Word


      Hi.  I have a 2017 MacBook Pro.  I purchased Acrobat Pro DC.

      I converted the PDF to a Word Doc.  However the link to a Google Doc that is within the document - doesn't work.  Nothing happens when you click on it and it looks as though this part of the file is an image and not text.  I also tried to copy and paste the link, but the URL only returns a number of listings, none of which are the google doc I wanted to go to.  Thanks for any help.


      Also in the converted Word doc there is a photo.  I'm able to click on it and copy it into another Word doc where I can save as a picture, but it grabs more than the photo when I click on the photo using Control-click.  So I have to take the saved picture into Photoshop to crop out extraneous words that preceded the photo. What am I doing wrong?