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    Smart collections in Lightroom - "Adjustments" vs. "Edits"


      As far as I understand the smart collections criteria, there is a set of Edits composed of three discrete subsets: Adjustments, Crops, and Other edits. (In other words, some Edits are Adjustments, some Edits are Crops, and the rest are Other edits.)


      However I'm unsure about which edits are Adjustments and which are Other edits.


      I guess correcting white balance, contrast, exposure e.a. are adjustments, although Victoria Bampton calls these "Develop Basic Editing", "Develop Selective Editing" (this chapter includes cropping) and so forth.


      So what could Other edits (as per the criterium "Edit date") be? Can someone please define this category and give some examples (or better yet a full listing)?




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          ManiacJoe Adobe Community Professional

          Finding that level of documentation about Lightroom tends to be rather difficult for us users.


          My best guess would be this:

          adjustments - any slider affecting the whole image

          other - any edit using a brush/radial/gradient

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            bhousto90 Level 4

            I am not sure where you have come up with these three subsets for the criteria?

            Perhaps it should have been described as "other criteria" vs "other edits"


            Within a Smart collection it looks like there are 16 main categories some with sub categories and others without not 3.

            (I say 'looks like' as my copy of Lightroom has a few others that have been added via Plugins etc.and I think I counted only the default ones)


            Within the "Develop" Category there is :

              Has Adjustments     (includes anything from develop module including all below items)

              Is Proof                   (filters to show only SoftProof copies with adjustments)

              Develop Preset     (filters to show images that have presets applied)

              Treatment          (only images that are B&W or Color - as edited in LR)

              Cropped          (only images with cropping)


            For "has adjustments"  it filters on anything applied in the develop module.

            The others allow to filter out just those specific type of edits/adjustments i.e. anything contained in a proof copy images, any cropping and B&W images or something applied via a preset vs manually made adjustment.


            Other than creating a Smart collection and editing it to see the list of options/categories I could not find a list that explains all of them in my quick Google search.


            Not sure if this clears it up or adds to the confusion.



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              pauld97913177 Level 1

              Thank you.


              My problem is knowing which photos will be included in a smart collection depending on the actions I've taken in my workflow (and of course on the collection rules).


              After some partial testing I identified two groups of photos:

              Group H = photos matching the "Has Adjustments" rule.

              Group E = photos matching an "Edit Date" rule.


              Actions taken in the Library module:

              - Anything in the Quick Develop panel: inluences groups H and E (a change will be considered an adjustment as well as an edit).

              - Add, remove, edit a keyword: inluences group E (a change will be considered an edit).

              - Rotate: inluences group E.

              - Set rating: inluences group E.

              - Set color label: inluences group E.

              - Flag/unflag/reject: inluences group E.

              - other?


              Actions taken in the Develop module:

              - Cropped: inluences group H (a change will be considered an adjustment).

              - Any other action: inluences group H.