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    Can I check in FDK client, if user currently does KANA to KANJI input/converting?


      Hi Frame developers,


      when I enter Japanese text in structured FrameMaker, I see the intermediate KANA text (dotted line below typed characters) and pressing SPACE converts it to KANJI. (I do not know Japanese but that's what it seem to happen). Whenever the cursor moves or the user does some input, my C-API plugin handles its FDK events and accesses the text and selection. But that harms that intermediate KANA text and I see strange things happening like splitting the current XML element in two parts or converts the KANA text in a wrong way.


      Can I check, if there is currently intermediate KANA text at the current location? In that case I'd like try to disable my functions and re-enable them when KANJI conversion has finished.


      Environment: Windows 7x64, FM Release 2015/2017. FDK 12


      Any ideas?