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    Footer text wrap

    tojo45 Level 1
      A fellow writer has encountered a situation I cannot figure out. Her footer text wraps when there is no <br> tag, just one long string of &npsp; tags with the text. I would have attached the code but it talks about stripping HTML code and replacing with spaces. The whole thing is already spaces. I'm not sure why the white space is there, but I assume that's a part of the problem.

      <p style="font-size: 8pt;"><span class="hcp2">Copyright&#169; 2006 by The
      Library Corporation</span>            
      ;               <span class="hcp2">  Help
      Revised May 3, 2006</span>             &nbsp
      ;               &nbs
      p;               &nb
      sp;    <span class="hcp2">             &nbs
      p;               &nb
      sp;             </span></p>
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          tojo45 Level 1
          I now see why it should be attached but i can copy and paste it from the post so hopefully someone can check this out. I'll repost as attachment if needed. Thanks and sorry for no finish to my first post. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Joe
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            ElisaFnord Level 2
            My guess is that some kind of interaction is going on with the footer frame - perhaps the finished product is not the same size as the generated help.

            Anyway, I don't think non-breaking spaces are a good way to move text around - in any format, HTML or not. I suggest a table with columns defined as percentages - you can get a nice right-justified item that way and I think there's no problem with inserting a table in the footer.

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              tojo45 Level 1

              Thanks for the note. I agree that the non breaking spaces are not a good way, but the WYSIWYG editor does that, which is a good argument for a regular editor so far as I am concerned. Again, thanks.
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                RoboWizard Level 4
                Hi tojo45

                Unfortunately, it would seem you are expecting HTML to behave like a printed document where Word can insert tabs and tab stops. These don't apply in the HTML realm.

                I know you said "the WYSIWYG editor does that". Indeed, it does that if you press the spacebar a number of times to insert consecutive spaces in an attempt to "manually space" things. This is never a good idea. You should reconsider what Elisa suggested by using a table.

                Sincerely... Rick