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    Wacom pen/Photoshop CC 2017 palette scroll issue

    robertoz26105853 Level 1

      Hi there guys,


      since I've installed Ps CC I noticed a problem that occurs whenever I scroll the bar of palettes such as the predefined tools, the brush palette, the color picker, et-cetera. Problem is: once I've scrolled the palette menu to the desired item (or color in the color picker), I select it, but when I lift the pen tip up and move it, the scroll bar keeps scrolling as if the pen tip was still touching the screen. Which means that I lose my selection and I have to redo it all anew. Very annoying. I tried with 3 different pens but same behavior. It happens in Ps only. Problem disappears if I do the same by using the trackpad instead of the pen.


      I am working on a 27 inch 2011 iMac i5 3,1 GHz, 24 GB, OSX 10.10.5. Ps CC 2017. Wacom Cintiq 22HD, driver 6.3.22-3.


      Could anyone help me solve this issue please....!!??


      Thanks much,