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    Pupils & Eyeballs

    pacol38509684 Level 1

      Hi dave,


      How do i structure my layers in Adobe Illustrator if my pupils are larger than my eyeball? Any tips or solutions?Capture d'écran 2017-06-26 17.58.30.png

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          oksamurai Employee Moderator

          In the case like this I'd make the face like a halloween mask with cutout holes for the eyes, then put the pupils and (bigger, probably horizontal oval-shaped) eyeballs behind.

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            pacol38509684 Level 1

            Hey thank you great you've just solved my problem it works perfect. But please try to get the clipping masks to work in character animator because I use them all the time in Adobe Illustrator as do many people


            I'm trying to perfect my nutcracker jaw behaviour but I can't find Annie or the monster that you previewed with a nutcracker jaw  in one of your videos do you have any links of how to videos to really perfect the nutcracker Jaw on a human. You presented in example which I think was an African American or Haitian puppet who had a nutcracker jaw


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              oksamurai Employee Moderator

              I think those were community examples - I don't know of any Adobe human examples we have w/ nutcracker jaw, just stuff like Bongo the gorilla, Walkbot, etc.