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    photoshop edits not showing in lightroom




      I've edited some shots in PS, saved back to LR, everything was working fine.  Today when I opened LR, none of the PS files show up in the catalog. They're just gone.


      I can verify that the .tif files are still in the library folder, but they will not show in the LR catalog.  I've tried optimizing the catalog, I've tried resetting prefs, and I've verified it's not a filter.


      Any help is much appreciated!


      Mac OSX 10.12.5

      PSCC 2017.1.1

      LRCC 2015.10.1

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          Theresa J Adobe Community Professional

          Are you 100% sure you are looking in the same catalog?

          Are you looking for the edited PS tiffs in a Lr folder, or a collection?

          When you say they are in the 'Library Folder' are you referring to the Library inside of Lightroom? Becasue if you are, then the images are indeed in the catalong. If not you can easily import them into the catalog now.


          I always put my images in a collection before I start a round trip workflow from Lr to Ps back to Lr. I find it much easier to find the edited Ps files when working in a collection as opposed to working in a folder view. This workflow also allows me to save the edited tiff to a different folder than the original raw image. It will still get automatically imported back into the Lr catalog and get assigned to the collection I started in.

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            seans93282356 Level 1

            Hey - thanks for the reply.


            Yes, it's definitely the same catalog, it's the only one on this drive.  While I am currently working in a specific collection (from one shoot) the issue is affecting at least the entire collection set, possibly the whole catalog.  The library folder is the folder on the drive where the RAW files live and are then imported to LR.  PS saves the tiff to the same folder with an appended file name.


            I **could** reimport them, the actual files are still present on the drive, but that doesn't actually fix anything, just works around it.  This is the second time this has happened in LR, but I can't for the life of me remember how I fixed it last time.  I do seem to recall it was some kind of rebuild/repair thing on the catalog, but no amount of googling has revealed a way to do that.


            For what it's worth, if I do a round trip edit now, the new files show in LR.  Go fig.


            Not sure if that helps?

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              Theresa J Adobe Community Professional

              You can sync the folder which will find any images in the folder that aren't in the catalog and import them. This is probably the fastest an easiest way to correct what should have happened automatically. I can't say for sure why the edited tiffs didn't automatically import back to Lr. Did you still have Lr open when you closed and saved the edited file?

              This has happened to me a few times in the past too, and I never figured out why. Most of the time I don't have a problem with it.