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    Migrate InDesign with all application settings?

    DBLjan Level 3

      Hi there,

      our IT is about to use my vacation to re-set up my machine.
      I need to find by friday an easy way to migrate my InDesign application settings, …and there are a bunch of them, letting me dig in divers folders, only to reconstruct by hand afterward.
      We use the AdobeCloud, but I could find the Cloud syncing my setting from workplace to workplace.


      I need a smooth way to transfer…

      - workspace setting

      - keyboard shortcuts

      - printing preferences

      - startup scripts

      - user scripts

      - document presettings

      - custom borders

      - user theasaurus

      - installed plugins


      As you see, there is alotta stuff to think of before sitting down at my fresh mac and start working, while work in a vacation keeps piling up, has to happen asap :-(


      Any ideas, scripts, migration tools are welcome!