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    CS6 and El Capita


      Hi all, I've read through all the Q & A's regarding upgrading to El Capita and CS6 and nothing recent has been posted. I have finally taken the plunge and all CS programmes initally seemed to be ok, but having now spent time working with them there are definate issues with InDesign. The latest forum I found was dated 2015 regarding this, has there been any updates or answers that I have missed in order to get the CS programmes working properly?? Genuinely cant seem to find anything. PLEASE, if anyone can help, post your response soon. Many thanks.

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          Derek Cross Adobe Community Professional

          InDesign CS6 is not supported by Adobe running under El Capitan or later. Some seem to have no issues others do.

          There will be no updates to CS6.

          If InDesign is mission critical to your work you should consider upgrading to CC2015/2017.

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            BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

            If you really did read through the countless threads here and tried everything mentioned then you have two choices. The firs is Derek's suggestion, or roll back to whatever you were using previously.

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              Jackiejaxdes Level 1

              Hi Bob, i was right back on mountain lion so needed to update anyway, someone said Yosemite was ok so may have to try and go to that one instead, bit of a pain, but not as much as not working properly. And Derek has confirmed there are no updates, and I cant really justify a monthly outlay as use all CS programmes so will just have to work something out! Thanks for your comment though.

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                Jackiejaxdes Level 1

                Thanks for your reply Derek, as some people were ok with the update I had my fingers crossed too! But as replied to Bob, Yosemite seems to be ok so will have to downgrade to that I think and try. Many thanks for your comment though. Cant really justify the cost to CC so will just plod on.

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                  Derek Cross Adobe Community Professional

                  InDesign is the professional application (tool) for producing print and electronic documents. It costs in the UK £20.22 a month. I would have thought this is a modest amount compared with all the other costs you need to payout for as a publisher or graphic designer.

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