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    error APPX0107: The certificate specified is not valid for signing. Windows 10


      Hi guys, i've seen a few people with this issue here - and still have no clarity...


      Basically I have a very simple app I need to export via Phonegap Build as a Windows 10 app.  I've created a certificate using the "non-depreciated" route using PowerShell and attached that file to my signing area.  The app tries to build and I get an error saying its not valid for signing.


      I'm running a Windows 10 Laptop for my development - and have tried to install VS2015, the SDK kits, the driver kits etc - in order to get access to makecert.exe but none of them have installed it.


      Can you (Adobe) please put some updated information on how to create a certificate that can be used to successfully output a file please...as currently im unable to export any windows apps from the build service.