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    How to access an extension


      Hi all,


      I own Adobe Photoshop CS 6.  I am new to Adobe Configurator 4. I have created my own panel with several buttons for tool presets (via actions), showing and closing Photoshop panels and so far. I also bought two 3rd party extensions: "Coolorus 2" and "Magic Squire". Now I want to  create two buttons to access the extensions. In Configurator 4 I've found under Widgets the function "Open Extension" (in german "Erweiterung öffnen") I guess, this function should be able to call an extension. What I need to do is to input the Extension-ID. I tried some common names like "Coolorus" or "Coolorus2" but it doesn't work.

      My questions:

      1: Do I get it right, that the function "Open Extension" is the right one for my purposes?

      2. Where can I find the right Extension-ID's?

      3. Do I need to get in contact with the developer of the extension and ask him for the Extension-ID?
           Adobe writes on the Configurator 4 page: "OPEN EXTENSIONS FROM A PANEL: A new widget allows your user to open other Adobe Application Extensions from your panel. You must provide the ID of the extension to open."


      Maybe someone can help me here with this?


      Thanks for your time.


      Best regards