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    Where do I put the document level javascript?

    taylorb25004374 Level 1

      I am fairly new to creating forms via Acrobat. This form is a questionnaire meant to be distributed to many different clients.


      I haven't had any issues creating it, and it looks fine, I'm just encountering one major issue. I'm trying to insert a dropdown (i.e. Business Unit) ... Upon choosing a business unit from the dropdown, I would like that to reveal a new dropdown with options shown based on the user's previous selection. (i.e. Business Unit 1 only shows NY, NJ & PA as the choices, whereas choosing Business Unit 2 would reveal CA, NV & AZ....etc)


      I believe I have written the correct javascript to execute an action like this, however I do not think I am putting it in the right place or understand where the right place to drop this is. If someone could help walk me through this, and verify that I am headed in the right direction - any help would be MUCH appreciated!


      Thank you