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    Combining Files in the right order in Adobe Acrobat Pro DC


      I scan files to my email, which I then open and combine into single binders using AA Pro DC. To do this, I use the "Create PDF" tool from the tools menu, and then, from the "Create a PDF from any format" menu that appears, I select the "Multiple Files" and "Combine Files" option. When I click on the "NEXT" box, I can then choose to "Add Open Files," which is the option I use most often.


      However, when I "Add Open Files," and select the files I want to include, the order in which the files arrange themselves is always backward. Unless I scan the pages into my email in reverse order, the files will arrange themselves in reverse order. I can rearrange them by dragging them into the correct order, but it would be helpful if there was a way for them to default into the correct order.


      For example, in my email inbox I currently have 5 separate PDF file attached to 5 separate emails that were created from a single scanned document, which contained 94 pages. The attachments are named, "0898_001; 0898_015; 0898_037; 0898_056; and 0898_079," which indicate the cumulative number of pages in the document. (ie. The first PDF file contains pages 1-14, the second pages 15-36, etc.)


      However, when I combine them into a single file in AA Pro DC, they always arrange themselves in reverse order, so that 0898_079 is in the first position, and then 0898_056, etc. Again, before the single binder is actually created, I can drag them into the correct order but it would be helpful if they defaulted the other way around.


      Any advice or help would be most appreciated