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    Using RTE in AEM 6.3

    anujk4 Level 1


      We are trying to use RTE in one of the component that we are creating for our product using AEM 6.3. In classic UI, it is pretty much fine. We define:

      xType : richtext and define the rtePlugins under this node in the dialog.


      This dialog works fine in we use it in touch UI as it is. But if we change the dialog to cq:dialog and follow the standard of creating the dialog according to touch UI, the dialog does not show the plugins i added under rtePlugins. InPlaceEditing is showing few icons (do not want to use this mode), but the dialog or the full screen dialog does not show the icons as configured in the rtePlugins. I tried rtePlugins node under inplaceediting node and under the node that has resourceType as cq/gui/components/authoring/dialog/richtext.

      I would like to see the plugins in the dialog mode and in the full screen edit mode of touchUI. What am I doing wrong here?

      Use this link to view the sample package i have created.


      Thank you so much for your help.