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    Bella Sol

      Why can Adobe not give us specific reasons our images are rejected? It's very frustrating and time consuming when no specific reason is given and I to have to figure out why it was rejected due to "non-compliant image". I have releases for all 3 people. Less vague guidelines would be very helpful Adobe!


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          Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Maybe they hit the wrong button.

          They might have meant to reject it based on focus issues. The child, who is compositionally the focus of the image is blurry.

          They might have meant to reject it for aesthetic / usefulness reasons. - You can't see their hands or what they're doing and the person who is in focus is cut off.

          Maybe they hit the right button and that tattoo is of a trademarked character? (I don't recognize what it is, so this probably isn't it.)