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    Shared Graphics at Runtime - won't work


      I use Flash to produce CD content Navigators.

      I have a source fla with a library of graphics that I want to share. I've published the fla as a swf. The graphics properties have Export for runtime sharing ticked.

      In the same folder I have a destination fla that uses the graphic in my source fla. I've published the destination fla as an swf.

      My problem is that when I change a graphic in the source fla (and re-publish) the change isn't picked up when I run my destination swf.

      If I go into my destination fla and update the graphic, it updates from the source so I know the linkage is ok.

      I simply want my destination swf to pick up any changes at runtime rather than having to go into the destination fla and update and re-publish. Reason being I have over 50 destination fla's and I don't want to have to have to update and re-publish them all every time I make a small change via the source fla/swf.

      I've also tried this when publishing as an exe as that is the ultimate goal.

      Can anyone help please? Thank you, Wes John
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          atog Level 1

          I had the same issue a couple of years back so I sympathise with what you are going through. My solution [problem] was the destination file library items did not have "import for runtime sharing" checked in their linkage. It was a biatch rightclicking everything in the library to make this work, but at least I only had to do it once. Maybe try on one first to check it's the problem.
          -Hope this helps
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            Wes_John Level 1
            Hi, thanks for the quick respone.

            I do have 'import for runtime sharing' ticked but no joy.

            I do wonder whether its the URL (in that same window). If you leave it blank, a message appears saying that you must specify the URL to import for runtime sharing. It says the URL should be the http:// path to the SWF file. I'm not putting in an http:// path. The source SWF is in the same folder as the destination so for the URL I put ./<name>.swf