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    after effects not working


      Hi, AE was workig fine, a few days ago I updated it using Creative Cloud and it was still working fine. The next day I opened AE and now, I cannot preview (only a few seconds then AE freezes and crashes) the video, Windows is saying that AE is using too much memory and when I start the preview, there is a  "acceleration disabled" text blinking very quickly. If I start the preview and stop it after 1-2 sec. and go to Edit>purge> memory and disk cache the memory usage drops from about 5000MB to 600-700MB. Sometimes a Warning:unknown exception message shows up.

      I did not have any of these problems before, AE was working perfectly.

      Please help and sorry for by bad english.


      My PC specs:

      (Lenovo ideapad 700)

      DDR4 8GM RAM


      Intel core i7