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    Photoshop CC - copy/paste layer from another file that was also calibrated 1:1



      I'm using photoshop for work purposes and have come across a question. I often scan images individually and put them on a single canvas using copy/paste before printing a full sheet. I also occasionally ahve to do the same thing with photographs, but I have to calibrate the images using the scale in the photo to ensure it is 1:1 ratio. When I attempt to copy/paste the calibrated image into a canvas with another image (also has been calibrated), something messes up and only the original image prints to the 1:1 scale. I'm sure the calibration of the image i'm copying FROM is somehow taking the same specs as the image/canvas that i'm copying TO ... is there a way to prevent this from happening so each image stays at it's calibration, or do i simply have to print the pics individually since they are not the same size (unlike using the scanner method above). TIA!