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    Can't sign in after Windows 10 update


      I have Premiere Elements 7.0 (I know. Don't judge!) and since the last big Windows 10 update (Creators?) it asks me for my Adobe ID. Which it never did before. When I put in my ID it connects to photoshop.com for a bit, then says that "photoshop.com is currently unavailable. Try back later or check your network connection. Error 400."

      I also tried to create a new ID, but the box that shows the code to type in is blank. ???? Click the link "Can't see the code?" and nothing happens! Very frustrating.

      Haven't had time to explore too much yet, but PSE (same bundle) doesn't seem to be opening either. I NEED THESE ASAP to finish a project for this weekend!! I know I can get the v.15 bundle for $100, but I really don't have the extra money right now.


      Any suggestions?