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    Lightroom images importing with a pink hue


      When I import my images (RAW-CRS) into Lightroom on my work computer it automatically gives my images a pick hue. My Histogram is "loaded" down with pink. This is not a preset I am selecting. I have uninstalled and reinstalled Lightroom and still the same issue. I thought this might be a camera setting. So, I took my camera and my images to class and my images imported just fine there and all my camera settings were fine. I have Lightroom on my laptop for home and my images also import just fine there as well. In addition to the above attempts to correct this problem, I also checked my monitor settings.


      So, why is this problem just on my work computer? I have imported the same images on two other computers with no problems.


      My current settings:

      Quick Develop - Library Module

      - white balance: As shot


      Develop Module - Camera Calibration

      - I tried both Camera Standard and Adobe Standard.