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    Synch with Photoshop CS6

    VladThePainter Level 1

      Been a bit since I used CS6 in AE and Photoshop, but I have paid for filters that I just don't wish to purchase again simply for CC, so I still use now and then.  But since CC synchs with AE and PS whenever you edit from PS to AE, I can't seem to remember how to synch it in CS6 in After Effects. 


      I made a landscape in PS... opened in After Effects (both CS6).  I recently edited, added to my landscape design but it doesn't reflect-synch in After Effects what I added when I open it up.  I think its just a matter of reload or something but can't recall.  No synch memo in preferences either?.  How can I do this.  I've forgotten how?

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          File --> Replace. Older versions of AE don't update anything automatically. Those features have only been added at various stages in CC.



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            VladThePainter Level 1

            Yes... thanks - that's it!  Appreciate it.  For me, just a brain freeze.  But as well... using File-Replace is good only for one picture/image and unfortunately not a composition - or a multi-layered file from PS, it appears.  No worries... I just added the missing photos and redesigned, but had this been a bigger edit, it certainly would have posed a major issue.  Wish I could get a better upgrade deal in my filters so I can use CC, but financially, it's impossible.


            Many thanks!!