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    Pre-comped Layer Property not referencing main linked Property

    jerrycasto Level 1

      So I'm stumped on this. I'm trying to automate the opacity of flaming eyes to the beat of the song, using Soundkeys. I have a main comp with all 57 of the shots in individual pre-comps within (see left window in screenshot), and the song and Soundkeys on top. I got it to apply 3 ranges with keyframes with no problems, which I then pasted onto slider controls on a null.


      But whenever I try to link the opacity of a layer within an individual pre-comp to these keyframes above, it just stays at 0, no matter where I scrub to. When I copy/paste the null with keyframes inside the pre-comp and link to that, it references them just fine, but the null doesn't paste to the exact timing of those beats so that's not viable.  Even if I select the null in the main comp and choose Edit > Copy With Property Links and Paste, those keyframes that have expressions referencing the main one read as 0.


      It should be simple to link this expression right? I can copy the single-value keyframes from Soundkeys and paste them directly to the opacity of the layer and it will be perfect, but that's incredibly tedious for all usages of that layer. I thought the solution would be automatic, but I suppose I need a little help with the workflow! Any more information or picture needed, let me know!


      EDIT: I found that it's referencing time 0:00:00 of the main comp instead of the corresponding timecode it's at (you can see the main comp's playhead is at 1:35:00 which matches the nested comp, so they should be the same?)  Now I think I need some expression whizz to help me with an expression to grab the value of the keyframe at that exact frame that matches the main comp's frame number.  ValueAtTime?  Not sure where to begin