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    another glitch for canvas

    cbunbury20 Level 1

      i wanned to have like a tittle screen, and with button go to content frame, since it was working i try it on an empty file and it does work:



      Untitled-1.fla - Google Drive


      this is the original file, where i try to work it in, and now nothing works in the canvas



      enterframe3s.fla - Google Drive



      so it dosnt work on this one, same code, same thing but in bck file, without the intro frame, it all works, if i erase the first frame, nothing will work, so remembering from the flash times i tought, then mergin its the solution, its working in one file, so i will paste the frames, into working file, but it wont work either


      So i am scared, should i still wasting time, coming back to animate, or its just gonna find even more glitches than flash


      and then they say only 4 persons are working in adobe in animate!!! so will they adobe edge it too?!


      and the guey saying that animate does too much, ill be nahive to think a tool as to be just one thing, a vector tool, or animation tool only, where interactive animation was almost born with the web, and animate is the best product for this, so its a very simplistic perception, but does anybody has a facebook group with real animate users and not the arab one it pops in my region and where they also think its just a vector animation tool


      by the way if its only 4 guys working on it, awesome job


      Kgon and Collin heeeeelp