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    Items in Layers Disappearing


      Hi, everyone,

      So I know the basics of InDesign but am still working on Layers. I've used layers in Illustrator before and have never experienced this problem.

      I have many layers based on the different pages of my document. One layer (named: "page two") is supposed to have a header and some images. But when I moved the images in from my "original" layer (I'm simply redesigning a document and am using the original document to edit) to the new layer, something strange happened. I have the header and images in layer two, but when I click on the header, the images in the layers tool disappear. And if I click on the images, the header disappears. Not on the page itself (I can still see all of my items) but they disappear in the layers tool.

      Can someone please help? It's not that horrible. I can work around it. But it's a pain to deal with.