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    Step backwards (ctrl+alt+z) suddenly isn't working?


      I use Photoshop almost every day for college work and suddenly today my step backwards shortcut stopped working and I can't for the life of me get it to work.


      I tried reinstalling PS and the problem is the same.


      I tried changing the shortcut to something else and then changing it back, but whenever I use my three keys at the same time the box stays completely blank. I tested my alt key in multiple programs and it works perfectly.


      I have found out however that whenever I select the 'alt' button on my graphics tablet along with ctrl+z it works fine, but it's just so finicky that I can't get around it.


      My history settings is set to 100 so that is definitely not the problem.


      I have the exact same programs running in the background as before today, and before there has been no issue at all.


      I have noticed that sometimes after pressing the alt key on my tablet and undoing a bunch of times, my actual shortcut on my keyboard works for a small amount of time before poofing out of existence again.


      I'm on a Windows 7 PC with PS CS6.