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    Blurb file


      Hi, I made a book with Blurb in the Lightroom plugin. I have someone that needs the file to print more books for me utilizing their copy of Lightroom to order more Blurb books. They want to add more pages and tweak what I have made.

      How can I export that?,

      Only export as PDF? Then how can they edit?

      Thank you.

      Mark W

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          WobertC Adobe Community Professional

          I think you may have problems doing this-

          You will need to highlight the "Saved Book Collection" in the Collections panel, and Right-click on the Collection

          and choose- "Export this collection as a Catalog" and check to include all the original photo 'Negative' files. So the exported catalog and files could be quite large (Exported to a USB stick?)

          The Catalog can then be opened on another computer with your images and have others added and modified.


          I have found that- One problem is that the photos used to create the book (for the catalog export) need to be the 'Originals' and not any Virtual copies. If you try the Catalog export with VCs in the book you will get the "Files not found" error message although the catalog will be created, but without the photos (useless!).

          If you have used VCs for the book you may be able to select all the book photos and go back to Library view and swap each of the VCs with their Master image preview, hence making the 'Master' referenced by the book. (Select a VC, choose- Menu>Photo>Set Copy as Master ). 


          Can I suggest you try with a small sample book first that has both Masters and VCs. This exported catalog can be later deleted if not used.