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    frusrated and bumbling around EPub :...Help me~


      HI~ . I am a designer living in South Korea.

      I have been making prints with IndisignCC for a long time, currently, I am planning to sell books published in English on iBooks through digital publishing and the work is over. However, I don't understand the processing and the process is getting slower. so, I would like to ask you all over the world.

      For the designer using Mac, there are Adobe's InDesign and Apple's iBooks Author when making digital books that can be seen through all devices such as iPhone, iPad, and Mac,

      Please let me know which software is more advantageous. I know that books made with iBooks Author are not available on iPhone, is it true?

      I would appreciate if you have a YouTube site that can give a clear answer. Thank you.

      From Suwon.

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          Derek Cross Adobe Community Professional

          There's no clear answer to your question. There are a number of eBook formats. Each has advantages (features) and disadvantages. Bear in mind if you want to sell your books that Amazon's Kindle is the most popular platform. This uses the .mobi file format and you can convert to this from a FXL ePub created with InDesign.


          Lynda,com have a number of online video tutorials showing how to create the various kinds of digital publications, such as: InDesign: Creating Fixed-Layout EPUBs  You can get a 30-day free trial. And, of course, you can ask specific questions on the Adobe forums.

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            michelad19794771 Level 1

            Hi Suwon, InDesign .ePub fixed layout can be read on iOS and Android device and also by desktop computer Windows and Mac.

            iBooksAuthor (.iba) can be read by iPad, iPhone and Mac desktop.

            Fluid ePub can be read also by eReaders depends on version of .ePub and features of eReader itself.

            It's a long story, but you could create different project for different target.

            Let me know more details to help you better. Thanks.