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    Photoshop CC 2017 Freezes on Save


      Hey everybody,


      I'm on a new Windows 10 Pro PC with a fresh install of Photoshop 2017 CC, and Photoshop freezes whenever I attempt to save a file. A few details:


      • The only way out of the freeze is to ctrl+alt+del
      • This freeze seems to wipe out my recently set preferences. I get the "New Library from Document" pop-up every time I reopen PS, in spite of routinely marking it "Don't Show Again"
      • There's no hang, just instantly frozen and Photoshop is immediately labelled "Not responding" in the task manager.
      • This happens whenever I save a document, be it ctrl+s or File -> Save.
      • Save As seems to work, albeit sporadically, and while Photoshop is still responsive after a Save As it won't let me close out of PS via anything but the task manager.


      This is a fresh install, the only settings I changed were selecting a scratch disk and increasing the amount of history states to 200. I've reset both and the issue persists.


      Anybody have any ideas?