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    i need divine help

      hi, im currently doing a flash application for users to drag a series of five 6 sec flv video into my "timeline" ive created.. afterwhich i have to save it as one .flv file for future streaming. so the question is, is it possible to save it as one .flv file?

      if yes can show me how.. thx..
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          I'm the one who calls some of the "gurus" here dieties sometimes, but for devien help I'd realy recomend praying over posting here.

          You cannot do this, at least not the way you sem to want it to happen.

          Flash (the swf playing in the browser) cannot save files. Depending on what you want to do, you can either save something like a playlist that svaes the info what files to play from when to where in which succession in a LocalShared objaect, or [via middleware (PHP, ASP etc.) ] save that info on a server, or even put together a file on the server and let the user download the file