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    Vision Loss simulation


      I am wondering if someone could help me with an easy way in Photoshop to recreate the below view with Retinitis Pigementation. I have a photograph and I would like to add varying degrees of shadow over it to show the varying degrees of vision loss associated with this condition. Thanks in advance. 




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          Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional

          Just add a layer, and make a round selection the size of your smallest aperture.

          Invert the selection and fill black.

          You can then Free Transform in and out holding down the Shift and Alt keys while dragging a corner handle

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            emilys64752865 Level 1

            Thanks Trevor.

            I have got that far, but don't know how to make the edges of the centre circle feathered or with a gradient?

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              Zaid Al Hilali Adobe Community Professional

              There are a number of ways to have a feather effect or we can say soften the circle, two of which are:


              • Choose Elliptical Marquee tool, before drawing a circle, change Feather amount in the Options Bar on top (amount will depend on high or low image resolution), now draw a circle, invert, and fill.


              • The other way, is to draw a circle with Elliptical Marquee tool, go to the menu Select > Select and Mask, add a Feather amount, and make sure to have Output To: Selection at the bottom of the dialogue window. Now fill with Black.