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    Photoshop CC has huge cursors on High-DPI screen




      I've recently got hold of Photoshop CC, and I've found something that's rather annoying. I have 4KUHD screens, but I tend to prefer applications with the High-DPI mode turned off (I like smaller buttons and more space to work with - that's why I got these monitors in the first place). Of course, my first action in Photoshop CC was to disable High-DPI mode, but it seems that this doesn't affect the cursors. Below is an image showing first how the cursors actually appear, and second how I would expect them to appear.

      pscc huge cursor.png

      I have tried using the "precision" cursors, but all this does it change the image associated with the cursors, not the size. I have also tried disabling High-DPI scaling at the OS level, which also does not help. Is there a way to resize these cursors to properly reflect my monitor resolution?