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    Call for Technical Reviewers

      Technical reviewers are sought for a book about Hibernate, BlazeDS and Eclipse. You might consider this book to be in alpha test. Much of the book has been written, but significant changes may be made and there are probably issues that need to be dealt with before presenting the book to a wider test audience.

      This books covers a wide range of topics. Reviewers must be expert in one or more topics and at least one application server. The topics are: Hibernate Annotations, BlazeDS, LiveCycle and Eclipse WST. The application servers are: Tomcat, Spring Framework, SpringSource DM Server, JBoss Application Server, JBoss Portal Server, JBoss EJB3, WebSphere Application Server, WebSphere Portal Server, WebLogic Application Server or WebLogic Portal Server.

      Reviewers are invited to suggest refactoring of chapters, possible topics, corrections to terminology, factual errors, omissions, improvements to code, additional code and suggestions for diagrams. No need to be concerned with grammar or spelling.

      Timely feedback is required as updates to chapters become available, and new chapters are written. Reviewers are expected to spend enough time to examine multiple revisions of the book in detail, and try out the code. Reviewers who make a significant contribution will be mentioned in the book; the top three reviewers will be able to have a short biography included if they wish. Reviewers will receive a free copy of the book when complete.

      Please visit http://www.slinnbooks.com/books/serverSide if you would like to be considered as a potential technical reviewer. Include information about your expertise one of the topics - a resume is one option; examples of your work might be helpful. The alpha test period will be only a few weeks, so a timely response is necessary if you would like to be considered.