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    Two text frames , Only one "footnotes". or Collect footnotes from text frames.

    sayed alim9773784


      i have a book with two part:


      1.main text

      2. description


      and both part have footnotes.



      But the problem is that i need both footnote parts together like the left page on the picture.

      (i made it manually for one page only but i need it to be done automaticly, because it's a large book in several volume )



      i have 2 different text frames.

      i Convert footnotes to sidenotes (with sidenotes.jsx by Kahrel) just for the first text frame (i wanted them detached from text frame) , then i manually copy&paste it before the first footnote in the second text frame below.

      then i set numbering footnotes from 3.

      i know that, this is not a good idea, but i had no choice, except you guys help me. i need it.



      i want the first text frame threaded to the first text frame on the next page.

      and the second text frame threaded to the second text frame on the next page.

      But i want to have all page footnotes together.





      Please HELP ME.