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    Numbers in a numbered list coming up as images in Acrobat

    ebytheway Level 1

      I have a document that was created in Word 2016, which uses the Word multilevel list tool to create numbered lists (3 levels to the list, with 1., a., and i. as the numbering format). The list levels are associated with a style. I'm using Acrobat DC (both the plug-in and the Distiller) to convert the Word document to a PDF, and am running the accessibility tool to ensure it is accessible. When I do, all the numbers come up as errors under "other elements alternate text," and a look at the Tags Panel shows that when the document was converted, the numbers were interpreted as images rather than as text. Other reading I've done indicates that these numbers can be included in the text of the list element for accessibility.


      Is there any way to prevent these numbers from being interpreted as images in conversion? Using another authoring program isn't an option, and I'm new at trying to make PDFs accessible.