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    25 fps or 50 fps


      I have a nice camcorder XA25 filming in a proper studio set up with lights and green sheet etc, filming a deaf presenter using sign language. I am using Adobe Premiere Elements 15.
      Should I use 25 fps or 50 fps? I am guessing 50 fps is better (sign language can be fast and there is a need to catch moving hands/fingers clearly).

      Thanks in anticipation.

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          whsprague Adobe Community Professional

          In general, slower frame rates and slower shutter speeds are used to make video more "filmic".  In other words, the idea is to make it blurry like movies shot on film.  Higher frame rates and higher shutter speeds make video look more clear.  My suggestion would be to use the higher frame rate and shutter speeds around 1/125 or 1/200th.  A benefit is that viewers will be able to make it slow down and it will remain viewable.