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    Indesign not packaging linked files from CC Library / Adobe Stock


      I have been trying to find an answer to this problem.


      Indesign will not package links from any CC Library, including those created from licensed photos from Adobe Stock.


      To be clear, the CC Libraries have been created two ways:

      1. By dragging linked Photoshop or Illustrator files only into a CC Library (NOT InDesign files with links to the files).
      2. Creating a Library on Adobe Stock of licensed photos, which then become visible in the CC Library panel; dragging the photo into the InDesign document.


      I receive no errors that the files were not successfully copied... they just are not included in the links folder of the packaged document.


      I tried to find if there was a setting or checkbox I was missing to include the CC Library files.


      Do I have to copy the files from within the original application that created them? Meaning, copy PSD files to the Library from within Photoshop, not image link boxes from one InDesign file to another?


      Also, we work in teams here, so the person of originally created the file may not be the one who packages the file for output. Does this matter?


      At this point, I have instructed my designers to discontinue copying links directly into documents from CC Libraries and only directly from our file server. I'd like to be able to use this feature is possible.


      Thank you in advance!

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          srishtib8795206 Adobe Employee

          Hi Mark,


          Sorry for the inconvenience caused.


          If I get your query correctly, Ai and PS  files which you have saved to CC library when used on InDesign , it does not get packaged with InDesign file?


          If so, please try to sign out and sign in to creative cloud after closing all the Adobe applications.


          I tried the same on my system and could not replicate the issue.


          Could you please create and save a new INDD file and package with one or two files from CC libraries. If that worked fine it means issue is with file itself and we might require file and packaged folder in that case. Would you mind sharing your file?




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