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    Software Transfer from old System to New Computer


      Dear Adobe Family,

      I had purchased and used Adobe Photoshop for the past 6 years on my Computer which has been upgraded to Windows 10. Nowadays, I am using a larger and better computer, and want to take my favorite photo editing software with me. Sadly, I am unable to use it as it doesn't show that the other license is on my account. I do not want to purchase a new subscription and keep using the Photoshop that I had. Could someone please help me to install and use my old Photoshop CS5 Extended. The same is true of Lightroom, another service that I can not use fully, but have purchased before. I tried calling the call center, however they were of very little help, only saying that I should come here.


      Deeply Grieving,

      Ramkumar Agrawal M.D.

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          Chuck Uebele Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Do you have your activation codes for your software? You will need those to re-install. You should have also deactivated the software on your old computer. If you have the activation code and can not deactivate it, you will need to contact Adobe and have them reset your license. If the help desk tells you to come back to the forums for that, they are incorrect, and ask to speak to a supervisor or someone who can help you. They are the only ones that can help.

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            Benjamin Root MVP & Adobe Community Professional

            If your serial number isn't registered on your account, the other place would be the box which the disc came in. For security purposes, only 20 of 24 digits can be seen in Photoshop under Help > System Info.


            Any chance you registered the serial number to an old account you no longer use?

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