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    Clipping mask and layer effect issue

    Creephead Level 1

      A bit of background first …


      My preferred process is to build most of my artwork in Illustrator, and colour the “bits” in shades of grey. This helps me focus on the layout and not get too wrapped in the colour scheme. Once I have that figured out I’ll export the layers to Photoshop. Most of the colouring in Photoshop I’ll do with a colour overlay applied in a layer effect. I find it more efficient than manually selecting, and re-colouring, each component.


      The problem …


      I will often apply brushwork or texture on top of the separate shapes. I’ll select the layer I want to apply a clipping mask to, click Option (Mac) and Create a new layer, and select “Use Previous Layer to Create Clipping Mask”. I then apply the brush/texture on the clipping mask layer.


      This works fine, EXCEPT when I apply a colour overlay in a layer effect on the originating base layer. This “overwrites” the entire shape with the new colour, and covers up (or turns off) any brush/texture work I’ve added on the clipping mask layer.


      Has anyone else come across this?