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    So many errors, items missing


      Purchased Premiere Elements a few months ago and have had a couple issues so looking for ways to fix. Thanks in advance for your help.


      Dell Intel Core CPU 2.3 Ghz

      64 bit OS

      Windows 10


      Problem #1: None of the online content (sound, titles, etc.) will download. I get the following message.



      I have tried the following but nothing seems to work.

      - Running as Administrator

      - Refreshing online content

      - Adding Premier Elements app to Firewall exclusions


      Yes, I'm connected to the internet, my Outlook and web browser are working just fine. I'm running Windows 10 with plenty of HD space available. This is a work issued laptop working off the business Network. That might be the issue, if so, I just need to know what to tell them to turn on/off because I'm the only one using it.


      Problem #2: The Sound effects selection is grey'd out so I can't select it.