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    Activation Failed.  We are unable to Activate Creative Cloud

    laurat23510413 Level 1


      We have 4 users that have subscriptions for Captivate and all 4 are getting the error above.  I created a ticket with Adobe and they had us try the following


      -Sign out from Adobe
      -sign out of captivate
      -rename the hosts file
      -rename the OBE File
      -log into adobe
      -log into captivate
      -run updates for adobe captivate


      It got users in for a few days and now the error is appearing again.  Creative cloud is online and signed in and they have Internet connection... we have lots of other users that have full creative cloud subscriptions and they do not get errors when logging in... Just the ones with the Captivate subscriptions.  All 4 subscriptions were purchased at the same time