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    InDesign CC file freezes when highlighting text


      I am a technician at a College who supports design staff using InDesign.  Recently we had a person have a specific file in indesign freeze up each time they highlighted a specific row of text.  We had them try everything we could think of including saving a seperate file, moving the file off the network, rebooting, driver updates, CC updates, etc... 


      Nothing seemed to fix it.  We were able to get around it by going into "Story" mode or whatever Adobe calls it.  This allowed us to edit just that text, but it isn't a true solution if the problem arises again.  Additionally we got the attached image claiming there was corruption.  Not sure if this is true or if it was a general error relating to the file.  We also tried this on another computer with indesign and it had the same exact problem.


      Any assistance is appreciated.  Thanks!


      Indesign corruption.jpg