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    Try this if your table of contents doesn't appear in WebHelp output


      I'm passing on what worked for me.


      The background:


      - RoboHelp 2015, (up to date at time of writing)

      - Small number of topics (less than 15)

      - Pushing all project files to our own server for web app deployment as a "help" button\

      - Project created using Web Application Help template (New Project > Web Application Help)


      The problem:


      - WebHelp output appears fine using the Preview function; table of contents is visible and works properly

      - WebHelp output is missing a table of contents when deployed in the app. The pane is blank.


      Initial hypothesis: Gremlins in server room!


      Revised hypothesis: Settings issue


      The solution:


      - Created a new TOC with the exact same contents as the original TOC

      - Explicitly specified the duplicate TOC as the TOC file to use for WebHelp:

          1. Open Outputs pod

          2. Right click WebHelp (Primary Output)

          3. Select Properties

          4. Select Content Categories

          5. Select Content <Default>

          6. Switch Table of Contents from <Default> to the duplicate TOC

      - Saved and re-deployed. IT WORKS! Partied like it was '99.


      I'm happy to answer any settings questions that would help narrow this solution for somebody.


      - Jack