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    Problem with CF/Flex Application Wizard

      I am having problems with the CF/Flex Application Wizard. It shows up in Eclipse, but then doesn't do anything when I try to launch it. I am using the FlexBuilder plugin to a standard Eclipse installation.

      I looked in Eclipse under Help -> Software Updates -> Manage Configuration, and saw that the Wizard has a little red "X" on it's icon. Then when I looked under Properties -> status, I saw the following:

      The feature is not configured properly.

      Plug-in "com.adobe.coldfusion.as2cfc" version "0.5.139016" referenced by this feature is missing.

      Plug-in "com.adobe.coldfusion.cfc2as" version "0.5.139016" referenced by this feature is missing.

      Plug-in "com.adobe.coldfusion.servicebrowser" version "0.5.139016" referenced by this feature is missing.

      But, I DO have the "missing features" with the correct version installed and they're operating correctly.

      I cleaned out all the com.adobe.coldfusion stuff, unzipped it again, and ran Eclipse.exe -clean. Unfortunately, I got the same result with the CF/Flex application wizard. All the other wizards work fine.

      So, I uninstalled the FlexBuilder plugin, ran Eclipse.exe -clean, and reinstalled everything. But, again, I got the same result.

      Any ideas?

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          Clarke00 Level 1
          I tried removing all the com.adobe.coldfusion.* files and directories from both /plugins and /features. Then, I reinstalled from the zip file. I still get the same symptoms and failure.

          When I go under Help -> About Eclipse SDK -> Configuration Details, it seems like everything is recognized, but still no luck getting the wizard to run (See below)

          Any other ideas?

          *** Plug-in Registry:
          com.adobe.coldfusion_help_7 (1.0.0) "ColdFusion Documentation Version 7" [Resolved]
          com.adobe.coldfusion.AS2CFC (0.5.139016) "AS2CFC ColdFusion Wizard" [Resolved]
          com.adobe.coldfusion.CFC2AS (0.5.139016) "CFC2AS ColdFusion Wizard" [Resolved]
          com.adobe.coldfusion.crudcfc (0.5.139016) "CRUD_CFC_Generator Plug-in" [Resolved]
          com.adobe.coldfusion.fbext_help (1.0.1) "ColdFusion Extensions for Flex Builder Documentation" [Resolved]
          com.adobe.coldfusion.rds.client (0.5.139016) "RDS Client Plug-in" [Resolved]
          com.adobe.coldfusion.ServiceBrowser (0.5.139016) "Service Browser" [Resolved]
          com.adobe.coldfusion.wizards.appgeneration (0.5.139016) "ColdFusion And Flex SuperWizard Plug-in" [Resolved]