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    Order or images in folders

    mikeengles Level 1


      I have been scanning my family negative and slides and am importing them into Light Room after processing and saving in Photoshop.

      The images are stored

      folder 1980 subfolder Q1,Q2,Q3,Q4 and file number xxx and people in the file

      So a file for example is 1982_Q1_xxx_Kate Paul Granny.

      In Windows explorer they appear in name order,

      1982_Q1_001_Kate Paul Granny

      1982_Q1_002_Mike Maggie Kate Paul


      but in Lightroom they are semi random.

      I cannot see how to arrange the files in Lightroom in the order that Windows Explorer shows them.

      I think that there is a way, but it just eludes me

      Mike Engles