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    Exporting videos as H.264


      This problem has been happening to me for years. I want to export about 150 videos, some with Lightroom edits, others just changing to the H.264 format in max quality. What happens is that invariably the first video exports ok, and then the programme spends hours doing basically nothing until it either times out or I get bored and cancel the operation. If I try the export again it flashes through the operation but nothing happens at all. The workaround is to close Lightroom, reopen it and repeat. However, doing this 150 times seems pretty inefficient! It seems to be a problem specific with the H.264 converter but what? and why does closing and reopening the programme allow me to export another one only? In case you are wondering,"export original" works fine but lets face it that's a useless setting, why would I want to export the video without any edits? I can just move it in such a case!