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    Error 'update failed' after download LR 6.10.1




      We have recently purchased a stand-alone version of lightroom 6 as our previous version LR 4 was unable to recognize the RAF picture format.

      To be able to read the RAF files, we had to upgrade to at least LR 6.3.


      I followed the instructions on Download Photoshop Lightroom:

      1. Download the application installer

      2. Download the latest version of LR6


      When I first followed the steps above, the download was done in a few seconds (no error message), but as expected, it was not very successful. Having reviewed some other experiences in the forum, I learned it was worth trying to first uninstall my previous version of Lightroom. I have correctly uninstalled the software from my computer and retried to download the above software. This time, it did take some time to finish the downloads, which was already an improvement, but when trying to execute the installation, I received the error message: "Update failed - Adobe Application Manager may be damaged. Download and install a new copy of Adobe Application Manager." I retried, but it failed again.




      Could someone help me on this one as the main purpose of having bought LR6 is the ability to read the RAF format which we can not without the correct upgrade.


      Thanks for your support.


      Best regards,